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Onder Group pays great care to all services that support the customer during all different stages of its purchase: from the preliminary analysis of a specific handling problem to the identification of the most suitable solutions up to a comprehensive after-sales service.

Customer care

The structure of the customer-care service assures that repair interventions are carried out in the shortest time as possible. Our technicians are equipped with “mobile workshops” and can repair the trucks by identifying and solving all types of failure directly on site, thus remarkably reducing machine downtime.

At the Manisa headquarters, the service is completed by the performance of operations for the thorough overhaul and modification of the all products.

Original spare parts

Original spare parts are the starting point of replacement operations that will be effective in time; thanks to our after-sales service, the spare parts are shipped and delivered within 24-48 hours.

The serial number associated to each machine allows full traceability, thus assuring the possibility to supply the correct spare part in all circumstances, even in case of customised non-standard lift trucks.


The scheduled maintenance service allows remarkably reducing the costs that are caused by failures, and preventing undesirable machine downtime. By defining a streamlined calendar of interventions at pre-established deadlines agreed with the customer, the life cycle of the product can be considerably extended.

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